Making Visions Real

Why Palombo?

When it comes to the public works sector, the Palombo Group knows that maintaining quality for the community and honoring their hard earned tax dollars by coming in under budget is a main concern. We have the experience necessary to handle your public works construction project with these things in mind all while keeping the public safe and your project on schedule. Whether the community requires new construction, or a small scale renovation, the Palombo Group has the expertise necessary to handle the project with care.

Formed in 2001, the Palombo Group was created to meet the needs of the under-served public education sector. We knew that special care and consideration was required when handling projects that directly impact the public, and especially the children. Knowing that there are many who are impacted by a public works project, we make sure to take the time to inform the interested parties regarding the changes that are being made and ensure that the stakeholders have their concerns addressed. That understanding and commitment to the people of the community has made the Palombo Group a great success and has lead to us holding many of the construction management contracts in the area.

When you need a quality organization for your public works construction project, we are confident that we are the answer. Take a look through our public works portfolio and our portfolios in education, private, healthcaregreen initiatives and NYC  for some examples of the projects we have handled in the past, and our Construction Management page to gain a better understanding of what this service entails.