Making Visions Real

Why Palombo?

At the Palombo Group, we recognize that when it comes to construction management for education, there are many factors involved. We will work as your representative to facilitate and manage every aspect of your project from start to finish. Consultation is provided for all phases; including pre-referendum, pre-construction, construction and post-construction. We help to define the project objectives and scope, establishing goals for the budget, schedule, quality and performance. We can also ensure compliance with State agencies and assist in the solicitation and evaluation of professional services, contracts and negotiations.

In addition to managing all the aspects of your project, we also take responsibility for reaching out to stakeholders. We believe that it is important to have ongoing, open communication and outreach efforts with the Board of Education, administration, faculty, students and the general community. By operating this way, we help to alleviate concerns, keeping the residents involved and excited about the improvements being made to their schools.

As you can see, the Palombo Group has a wealth of experience to draw from and the expertise to make things happen. Please feel free to visit our Construction Management page to gain a deeper understanding of what this service entails. You may also visit our portfolio sections in education, private, healthcare, public worksgreen initiatives, and NYC to see our past performance for yourself.