Making Visions Real

Why Palombo?

The Palombo Group is excited by the incorporation of green initiatives into many of our construction projects. Often times these initiatives are not only green in terms of the environment, but they save the organizations that initiate them money as well. In addition to these incentives, green initiatives also provide healthier environments for the employees who work in the buildings or the children who play on the grounds and are often popular with the general public. A little thought and planning with these things in mind bears much fruit later on.

At the Palombo Group we are excited by the opportunity to help your organization be responsible with the environment of your community. Whether that means efficient lighting designs or advantageous waste water management, you can be sure we will approach your green initiative with the same care and concern we give to all our projects and all of our clients as well.

Please feel free to have a look through our green initiatives portfolio and contact us with any questions you may have. For more examples of the projects we have handled in the past, please feel free to browse our other portfolios in education, private, healthcarepublic works, and NYC. You may also visit our Construction Management page to gain a better understanding of what this service entails.