Making Visions Real

Summary of Construction Management

Construction management is at the heart of the services provided by the Palombo Group. As your representative we will facilitate and manage every phase and aspect of your construction project. We begin with planning and design and continue until the construction is complete. We will collect information from all sources and identify the best methods by which to address issues raised by administrators, faculty, staff and community members alike.

As your construction manager, the Palombo Group saves the district valuable time and money by performing the following services: consultation for all phases of the project, definition of project scope and objectives, pre-referendum planning support, the establishment of goals for budget, scheduling, quality and performance checks, provision of contracting policies and delivery systems, assurance of compliance with state agencies and assisting in the solicitation and evaluation of professional services, contracts and negotiations.

During the pre-construction phase critical decisions will be made regarding costs and scheduling. These decisions will directly impact the success of your project. The Palombo Group has the experience and expertise to help you make these decisions and we will walk you through that process. During this time we also provide the following services: Value engineering, contract and document review, site selection consultation, estimating during conceptual, design, development and document construction phases, project budgeting, constructability reviews, project phasing and logistics, bidding and solicitation of contractors, qualification of all contractors and vendors, preparation of bid packages, the setting of quality control standards, analysis of compatibility and performance, master scheduling and finally, code and regulatory review.

During construction and post-construction the Palombo Group is always there, providing full-time, onsite staff to manage the construction and to coordinate all prime contractors. While there, our staff also monitors the site to ensure the safety of both students and staff alike. During these final phases, we also establish procedures for monthly status and budget reports, conduct monthly owner/contractor meetings, monitor, control and update projections for the schedule, the budget and cash flow, recommend design alternatives when issues arise, provide quality control and regular inspections, manage close out and punch lists, and finally, provide owner training and project documentation.

In addition to managing all the aspects of your project, we also take responsibility for communicating with stakeholders, ensuring that the community understands the various elements of the project and how the work will take place. We make sure that the interested parties have the information they need regarding construction issues as they arise, keeping residents excited about the changes to come. This ongoing communication halts the spread of misinformation while alleviating the concerns of the residents in the community.

The Palombo Group is there for you through every phase, every step of the way. You can rest assured that every aspect of your project will be handled for you as if it was our own. Our commitment and our standing in the community is why so many choose Palombo.

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