Making Visions Real

Why Palombo?

The Palombo Group understands that careful consideration is required when it comes to construction in a health care setting. Strict guidelines, beyond the normal concerns of health and safety govern and influence many points of the process from the planning to the actual build. Concerns such as air quality, infection control, and patient confidentiality also come into play when additions and renovations are made. All of this must be kept in mind, as we are well aware.

The Palombo Group has a wealth of experience to pull from in both the general construction and construction management arenas. Whether your project requires just a few small renovations or a large scale reconstruction, you can be sure that the Palombo Group can and will deliver what you need.

Formed in 2001, the Palombo Group began as an organization designed to meet the needs of the underserved education sector where the health and safety of the attending children must be kept as a top priority. Since that time we have held many of the construction management contracts for the area and have branched out into many other sectors, including that of health care.

When you need to hire an organization that is knowledgeable, experienced and can provide the level of concern your patients would expect from you, the Palombo Group is the one to call on. Our projects are routinely completed on time and under budget, all while maintaining the level of expertise our clients have come to expect from us.

Take a look through our healthcare portfolio to get a better idea of what the Palombo Group can do for you. You may also browse our other portfolios in educationprivate, public worksgreen initiatives and NYC to see our past performance in other arenas, and our Construction Management page to gain a better understanding of what this service entails.