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Newburgh Enlarged City School District


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Newburgh, NY
Date Completed
Fall 2011
Construction Management
The Palombo Group

Project Description

The Palombo Group took over construction management for the Newburgh Enlarged City School District’s improvements in 2010. The complete project came with a budget of $39,000,000 and included 15 sites, 11 of which the Palombo Group took over responsibility for.

The renovations included: ADA accessibility compliance (drinking fountains, doors, toilets, access ramps, lifts, etc), Replacement of windows, masonry restoration and repair, ceiling replacements, replacement of curtain walls, replacement of exterior doors, repair of plaster walls and ceilings, refurbishment of lockers, replacement of floors, replacement of toilets, installation of vestibules, roof replacement, and upgrades to cafeterias and auditoriums.

Upgrades to various building systems were as follows: electrical (fire alarm, HVAC, lighting, emergency lighting, electric service, public announcement, air conditioning), and mechanical (air handling units, unit ventilators, exhaust systems, air conditioning, kitchen exhaust systems, boiler room ventilation, replacement of heating piping, Replacement of UVs, replacement of hot water heaters).

Site improvements included drainage improvements, repair and removal/replacement of sidewalks and pavement, upgrade or repair to septic systems, reconstruction of athletic fields and added or upgraded site lighting.

The project was completed in the fall of 2011.