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New Paltz Central School District


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New Paltz, NY
Date Started
August 2015
Construction Management
The Palombo Group

Project Description

In 2014, New Paltz Central School District adopted a $52.9 million proposal to upgrade infrastructure and provide program improvements to all four of the District’s schools.  Current conditions include antiquated infrastructure, lack of network capacity to support modern technology, health/safety concerns, and inefficient or undersized building layouts that interfere with the educational opportunities that can be provided to students. Some infrastructure is very near the end of its useful life or has already exceeded its life expectancy. Roof replacement, providing sufficient heat and ventilation, and upgrading electrical panels from the 1970s are just a few examples of the many infrastructure upgrades that are planned.

The school Board secured the services of the Palombo Group to oversee the construction management of the project to ensure the work is completed within or under its budget.

UPDATE: 1-23-19
Construction is well underway!