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Monticello Central School District


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Monticello, NY
Date Completed
Fall 2006
Construction Management
The Palombo Group

Project Description

The construction management project for Monticello Central School District was separated into 3 phases and came with a budget of $16 million. Updates were made to Cooke School, Chase School, St John’s Street Learning Center, Monticello High School, Rutherford School and Duggan School.

At Cooke School, the Palombo Group was responsible for replacing the roof, repaving the parking area, renovation of the main office and nurses’ office, installation of a perimeter drainage system, renovation of the ball fields and an upgrade of the Master Clock System.

For Chase School we renovated the main office and nurses’ office, replaced the library windows with falled thermo pane seals, upgraded the Master Clock system, removed and replaced the basketball court and replaced the roof which was 30,000 square feet.

At St. John’s Learning Center the roof was replaced and windows which did not operate or had failed thermo pane seals were also replaced, but no other construction improvements were needed.

Monticello High School required more extensive renovations to both the buildings and the site. Two additional classrooms were constructed, renovations were made to the Home/Career and Art classrooms, and an additional Science classroom was created. Renovations were done for room 200 and the large lecture room was modified to become two rooms. The auditorium was renovated to provide it with air conditioning and a new sound system while upgrades were made to the fire alarm, master clock and intercom systems. Finally, the entire roof was replaced, including the gym and auditorium. In regards to the grounds improvements, the shot put area was renovated, the track replaced, and parking lot lighting put in.

Rutherford School required more site upgrades than building improvements. The building itself was given a new roof and an upgraded master clock system. The grounds required development of new parking, replacement curbs and sidewalks, repaving of the existing parking area and lighting installation. A permanent sidewalk for connecting the road between the High School and the Middle School was paved and installed and the two ball fields were redefined with replacement backstops put in.

The last school to be updated for this project was Duggan School. They required roof replacement, redefinition of the parking area to create additional parking, repaving of the parking lot with replacement curbs and sidewalks, and an upgrade to the master clock system.

The phases were completed in 2004, 2005 and the final phase in the fall of 2006. All phases were completed on time and under budget.