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Highland CSD Capital Project


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Date Started

Project Description

In 2015 the Highland Central School District awarded The Palombo Group Construction Management Services for a 17.5 million dollar Capital Project.  The total project duration for CM Services is estimated at 18-24 months and construction has begun.   The Palombo Group is assisting Highland CSD by improving the facilities at the Elementary, Middle and High School.  Some of the Capital project highlights include: health, safety and security improvements; update antiquated infrastructure; energy efficiency upgrades; and program improvements.

Highland Elementary Status:

-Kitchen renovation complete
-Front office lobby renovation complete
-HVAC/Electrical and fire alarm all complete
-Computer lab renovation complete
-Site work – curbing, paving and new sidewalks all complete

-Roof recoating under construction


High School Status:

-Front office lobby renovation complete
-Door replacement throughout complete
-Locker rooms renovation complete
-Computer lab renovation complete
-Sound booth at stage complete
-Lighting and theatrical lighting complete
-Cat walk access complete
-HVAC/electrical upgrades including fire alarm and pa system complete
-Gang bathroom renovation complete
-Kitchen renovations under construction
-Site work – football field, scoreboard and parking lot upgrades all complete
-Relining of water tank complete
-Gas to building complete

-Roof recoating under construction


Middle school Status:

-Window replacement complete
-Shades complete
-Repointing and replacement of brick complete
-Front entrance lobby under construction
-Home and careers renovation complete
-Computer lab under construction
-Kitchen renovations under construction
-Gang bathrooms under construction

-Roof recoating under construction

The Palombo Group is excited to be making all of these improvements to the Highland CSD.