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Eastern Dutchess Gov Center


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Millbrook, NY
Date Completed
August 2008
Construction Management
The Palombo Group

Project Description

The Eastern Dutchess Government Center (also currently known as “The Edge”, and previously as “Dutchess County Infirmary”) began to receive a much needed makeover in 2007. The building is used to service those in Dutchess County whom would have a difficult time reaching the main services buildings in Poughkeepsie. Currently, there are four Dutchess County departments with a small staff in the building: Probation, Health, Mental Hygiene, and Community & Family Services (formerly known as Social Services).

In order to alter the building and the surrounding property to be a better fit for it’s intended purpose, outlying buildings were demolished and compact filled while the “west building” was partly demolished and reconstructed. The changes that were made to the remaining structure resulted in a Silver LEED certified building. The changes included plumbing and fire sprinkler upgrades, HVAC upgrades such as piping, pumps, traps and a new boiler, and general construction such as window and door replacement, a new keying system, roofing and exterior masonry work. Upgrades were also made to the electrical systems and included an elevator upgrade, relocation of cables and lines, a new PA system and a new security system. Site work included parking, landscaping in the rear of the building, sidewalk installation and replacement, site lighting and re-pavement of the asphalt. Hazardous material abatement was also necessary.

Geothermal wells, which are a wonderful green option for supplying heated and cooled air were also a part of the reconstruction. A total of 56 wells were dug for the system beneath the parking areas.Typically, these systems cost less than electricity generated systems do. They also reduce the output of pollution from energy that is created by burning resources (such as trash, natural gas, oil, etc.) and eliminate the creation of toxic waste from nuclear power sources. With this type of system, water is pumped through pipelines into the Earth and then back up into the building’s system to be distributed throughout the building or to generate cooled/heated air. The water is either cooled in the summer by the lower temperature of the Earth’s lower layers, or heated in the winter by the Earth’s abundant and natural heat. This type of system ensures the comfort of the staff without a high cost to the planet or the community, making it a wonderful green alternative to other systems.

The budget for this project was $7,100,000, and The Palombo Group’s role was that of Construction Manager. It was completed on time and under budget in August of 2008.